Workshop Pole Dancing, Aerial Silks or Hoop

Perfect for a bachelorette party or team event!

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    ​​A bachelorette party, business event, (kids) birthday party or another reason to celebrate something? If you are looking for an original activity, look at the different workshops we offer at Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam. 


    Pole Dancing

    During this workshop you will learn basic techniques like basic turns, sitting, and climbing under supervision of a professional instructor. When the group is ready for it you might even learn how to hang upside down in the pole. When you master the basics, it is time to put on your heels and learn a choreography to music. This is a fun way to complete your workshop!

    Aerial Silks / Aerial Hoop

    Aerial Silks is a form of aerial acrobatics in which you use long cloths suspended from the ceiling, for gracious tricks and drops. Aerial Hoop is also a circus apparatus that is used to create dynamic and beautiful shapes in the air. In this challenging workshop you will learn the basic techniques of Aerial Silks or Hoop. Having some basic strength is recommended.

    Chair Dance

    During this workshop you will learn how to dance sexy and sensual with a chair as your prop. We will delve into different dancing techniques and you will learn a sexy choreography using a chair as a centerpiece prop. With these new skills the bride to be will know how to seduce her lover!


    Learn how to move your body in a feminine and sensual way. Our instructor will teach you all the basic techniques and a fun choreography where we combine twerk with feminine dancehall moves. This workshop has a high fun factor!


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