When I want to participate in a class, do I need to subscribe in advance or can I join without subscription?
You can only participate when you subscribe for this class in advance on the website. Try to subscribe well in advance to secure a spot in this class.

Do I need any dance experience to learn pole dancing?
No, you will learn the basics of pole dancing during the Beginners 1 classes. When you control the basics, you can move up to Beginners 2.

Do I need to be strong, flexible and/or sporty to be able to learn pole dancing?
No, this is not a necessity. As you progress in your beginners classes, you’ll find yourself to become stronger and more flexible. With pole dancing you will develop your strength and flexibility and you’ll improve your overall fitness.

Am I too young/old for pole dancing and/or tissu?
Anybody between 16 and 65 is welcome at the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam. If you’re younger than 18 we do need your parents approval. You are never too old to do pole dancing. We aspire to make pole dancing and aerial silks easy accessible. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What do I wear for a pole dance class?
With pole dancing you’ll need you skin for grip, too many clothes will hinder this grip. So for the beginners 1 classes you’ll need a sleeveless shirt and shorts. When you’ll participate in the beginners 2 classes we recommend you to wear a sport top. During most classes you don’t need shoes, here pole dancing is done barefoot. With the Sexy Pole classes we recommend you wear heels. If you don’t have appropriate heels, at the studio you can buy comfortable, sexy pole dance heels in many shapes and colors. Attention: For hygienic reasons, use of a towel during classes is mandatory.

What do I wear for a Aerial Silks class?
With aerial silks we recommend tight clothes that cover your skin. For instance a tight long sleeve shirt or a leotard in combination with leggings. You don’t need shoes during this class. Attention: For hygienic reasons, use of a towel during classes is mandatory.

Is there anything else I need to know about pole dancing?
DO NOT wear body lotion and/or hand crème the day you will be pole dancing. It will hinder your grip and you’ll slide down, making it often impossible to practice your moves. We also discourage wearing jewelry like rings and bracelets during pole dance class.