Would you like to learn how to move feminine, elegant and powerful without using the pole? This is the workshop for you! Get in touch with the sensuality of your own body, learn to seduce and get confident in your movements. In this 1,5 hours workshop you will learn sensual moves and floorwork. At the end of the workshop the various techniques will be combined fluently in a graceful choreography on music.
You don’t need to have any pole dance experience to be able to attend this workshop, since the pole will not be used. You don’t need to wear high heels, but for your own comfort bring kneepads and high socks, so you can move easily on the floor and don’t forget to bring a big blouse or a wide dress which you can easily take off.

When: Friday 27 August 2021
Time: 20:00-21:30
Instructor: Anastasiia Iamshchikova
Price: € 32,50
Location: PDFA-Oost
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