Workshop bring your buddy | 8 August

Everyone has a friend or family member who secretly would love to try a pole dance class but is afraid to go. We all know the excuses: ‘I am not strong enough’, ‘I am not flexible enough’, ‘I am too old for it’, ‘I don’t want to be the only man in class’… Lucky for them we have a solution: bring him or her to the Bring your Buddy workshop! Age is no issue, everyone can learn the basics of pole dance. We will be focussing on techniques like basic spins, climbing, sitting, invert and of course some duo tricks. For sure they will be hooked at the end of the class! And bonus: you can show off your skills to the person you bring. Pole is more fun together.
Pole dance experience is not required for this workshop. Age and fitness is no issue, but the person you bring should be in good health.

When: Saturday 8 August 2020
Time: 14:30 – 16:00
Instructor: Anouk Blom
Price: € 29,50 p.p.
Location: PDFA-Oost

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