Workshop contemporary pole by Josh Taylor | 16 March

Movement, musicality, expression and choreography. This is a fully choreographed pole workshop of 1,5 hours. Dive into movement, understand quality and expression and challenge yourself through dance. Enjoy music, your classmates and your body!

Josh Taylor has been pole dancing for 10 years. He loves dance; how it looks, feels, and contributes to his life. He is dedicated to sharing this passion with others. Josh has travelled teaching at many major studios internationally, with experience spanning 6 continents. Josh is best known for his precise teaching method and enthusiastic classroom energy. 

For this workshop is at least pole beginners 1 level required.

When: Saturday 16 March 2019
Time: 16:00-17:30
Instructor: Josh Taylor
Price: € 49,50
Location: PDFA – Oost

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